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Next GREENtank meeting- Thursday April 22nd March 30, 2010

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A message from GREENtank regarding their next meeting:

Please join us for the next GreenTank on Thursday April 22nd.

Speakers to be confirmed but likely to include:

*  Hybrid Car – the clever software that helps you achieve maximum mpg and how the hybrid technology works.

* The government’s new Feed-in Tariffs for renewable energy technology explained.

* We are hoping to have someone from Morey’s speaking on GreenWorks Energy their new Green products and services i.e.sheep’s wool / thermal heat pumps / recycled plastics that have been made into matting – you can find out more about what they do at

*  A.N.Other ( or two ) to be confirmed.

We will send another reminder out a week before the event but in the meantime if you know of any interesting potential speakers or have something to share yourself please let us know as soon as possible and we will add you to the list.

For further infomation and to get in touch please contact us via email



Ventnor Spring Clean

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On Sunday March 21 2010.

Along with Lesley from “The Ventnorian” and a few volunteers, Julie the Ventnor Guides leader and a group of cheerful guides managed to gather litter from:

The High Street, Pier Street, Victoria Street, Tulse Hill, Marlborough Road, Church Street, Belgrave Road, Bath Road, The Esplanade, The Cascade, Dudley Road, Wheelers Bay Road, Pound Lane, and all 8 car parks !

A combined effort brought in 8 sacks of rubbish plus around 20 glass bottles.

Hopefully this will help the town shine for the coming Easter and its visitors. (Let’s hope it deters folk from throwing more down!)

Thank you so much to all those involved for your time and effort.

Happy Easter

Lesley x


Any ideas? Re-using and recycling 5 litre empty plastic fluid containers

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Posted on ( this is a project for everyone to share if you would be so kind!

To help find really innovative uses for empty plastic fluid containers with a handle and screw top. Each one is able to contain 5 litres of fluid.

They come from the Ventnorian. A small but unique shop in Ventnor, Isle of Wight UK. That truly has a “green halo” around it.

Previously they were used to store eco-friendly laundry liquid.

We thought rather than throw them away and further fill up our very limited landfill site on the island…There must be other uses for them as empty containers. We end up with at least five such containers a week.

We would like to invite you, our fellow readers and environmental champions to suggest to us some really innovative uses for these plastic containers…so we can promote them as such on our small island…

No prizes sadly for this request for innovative and creative thinking from you…Just the personal satisfaction of knowing you may have stopped plastic containers going to the landfill and finding a new use in the community. Plus the satisfaction that you have made a difference to our comunity…with a landfill site that is reaching capacity.

Please email your thoughts to ventbag AT (change AT to @ for email, it is not shown as @ in the address to avoid spamming)

We really would appreciate your thoughts and help with this.

Many many thanks,

Lesley, Sheila and Mark


May 22, 2009

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Fabric & Paper
Bag Making

Every Friday
2pm – 4pm
Ventnor Community Cafe

3 Albert St, Ventnor,
Isle Of Wight PO38 1DS

Come along and make yourself a Morsbag – a shopping bag made out of recycled fabric (like the ones in the photo above) to help rid Ventnor of plastic carrier bags.

Sheila will show you how to make them, you only have to sew straight lines on the sewing machine – they are very easy to make.

Morsbags fold up really small and easily fit into a pocket or a handbag, pick a fabric to suit your personality, plain, stripes or floral etc. These bags are quick to make and they make ideal gifts. Morsbags are always given away for free and are never sold.

Sheila has also been perfecting the art on making paper carrier bags – so you can have a go at that as well.

Tea and coffee available.

Workshop Facilitator: Sheila on 01983 856268

This workshop is free of charge

 Content reproduced, with grateful thanks, from


Making Carrier Bags from Newspapers……The County Press Project….. October 15, 2008

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…. We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with an established project on the mainland called the Newspaper Bag Project, who have developed a very efficient and easy to use template to make newspaper carrier bags from tabloid papers.

Their link is:


This site contains not only the video but also the instructions that can be easily downloaded or printed off.


The direct link to the instruction video is:


The designer of the tabloid template is Alex Sprake. He has spent a considerable amount of time testing the design to make sure it is better than anything we have used or seen before. Please take a few moments and check out his site:  

Greengrocery at its greenest

This is a small, independently–run traditional local greengrocer shop, situated in the historic market town of Bungay, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

 We specialise in sourcing produce as locally as possible, with a large amount of our produce being grown within just a few miles of the town.



It is poignant that we are teamed with a greengrocer with an ethical conscience as the image above reminds us of Noah’s Ark, our own local greengrocer, run by Steve Hogg which sadly had to close, due to the current economic climate…. But up to the last he promoted going plastic carrier bag free…!!


The way the project will work is this:


Any not for profit group wishing to make bags for sale and use the income as a very useful fund raiser (very good for Christmas present containers amongst other things!) should either get all the instructions here…or go to the County Press shop in Pyle Street, Newport and collect a CD and printed instructions which contains all the information and the instruction video.  


The same can also be collected from the Ventnorian on Spring Hill in Ventnor. The Ventnorian is also the retail base for the Ventbag project.


Both shops will have the CDs and written instructions available from Monday 23 October. 


When collecting an instruction pack either from the County Press shop or the Ventnorian, the group concerned must register their full details.


When the bags are made they will be sold for the groups at the County Press shop in Newport, and also at the Ventnorian in Ventnor together with some other local shops in Ventnor.


This is a long term project and as interest grows over the next year, more retailers will be added.


In every case, the retailer will sell the bags for a donation…there will be a minimum suggested donation. The bags will always sell for less than one pound each… They need to be affordable for all ages and all pockets!


The monies collected by the shops will be paid directly to the supplying organisation (e.g. scouts, guides, schools etc).


Ventbag will support the various groups making the bags through promotion and ongoing information.


If anyone has any questions, then please call Mark Compton-Hall on 07966 494770 or email






Making Carrier Bags from Newspapers…The County Press Project…..

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Good news in the bag


EYE-CATCHING new carrier bags could be showstoppers for shoppers.
As well as striking to the eye, they’re eco-friendly, too, as they are made from unsold copies of the County Press, and will help raise cash for Island …


01 August 2008


© Isle of Wight County Press 2008


An update on progress so far…… September 11, 2008

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Hi Everyone,


Ventbag is the project name for Ventnor becoming the first town on the Island to be Plastic Carrier Bag Free.


This unpaid volunteer project is supported both by Ventnor Town Council and the Isle of Wight Council.


As we set an original (tough target) of achieving this in September this year, we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone an update on progress.


The biggest challenge we faced was looking at the production of an alternative bag for Ventnor. This was planned to be an organic fair trade sourced cotton bag.


The problem has been one of the costs of raw materials increasing continually, which have made this idea unworkable. This is a global problem, not one unique to the Isle of Wight!


We have spent a considerable amount of time talking to both shopkeepers, residents in the town and visitors. One consistent piece of feedback is that almost everyone we speak to says going plastic carrier bag free is a great idea…but also says that is only going to happen when there are alternative choices.


Our focus for this year has been to make that happen. To that end we have

coordinated the creation and handing out of over 1000 Morsbags and over 500 bag kits (these are carrier bags made from unwanted fabric). We have also just launched an initiative with the County Press to turn unsold copies of the newspaper into carrier bags……..


We know that over 90% of Ventnor business and shops now actively discourage the use of plastic carrier bags. Several shops now openly sell alternative bags, and have reported that a large number of shoppers do not want or ask for a plastic carrier bag. More recently Somerfield has asked its staff to take an active role in this.


This has all happened over a period of nine months…..


While it has seemed to be a quiet project. We have been just getting on with our projects objectives which are to inform, educate and explain the benefits of going plastic carrier bag free…..


Most folks we encounter are very positive about the subtle and yet profound changes we have seen in Ventnor since the beginning of this year.


As with all change projects though, the old saying of “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” holds true………….!!!


Sheila, Mark, Lesley and James